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We are pleased to offer value-add services to our realtor partners to complement your existing business with the highest quality and exclusive Single-Family Rental (SFR) investment property deals from Konfidis. 


How does it work?

We use our proprietary technology and data, coupled with our dedicated team to search, underwrite, inspect, and negotiate the best Single-Family Rental (SFR) deals in Ontario. We are always making new offers on homes in order to unearth the best deals.

What you can rely on?

Helping your clients identify the best SFR deals across the province without having to travel from city to city.  We do the heavy lifting. Konfidis finds the needle in the haystack and performs comprehensive financial due diligence, rental and resale comparable analysis, and on-site inspections.

Why partner with us?

Earn commission

Share Konfidis Assignment Properties to your clients seeking to acquire an investment property.  Earn a meaningful referral fee when they buy. It's that easy.

Grow your business for the long run, by expanding your client base
  • Most realtors spend most their time searching for properties for a small number of clients.  The vast majority that time results in wasted efforts.  What we call "busy work" (lost bids, properties not to your client's liking, ...)

  • The top realtors have a staff that do the search processes, while they focus on business development to increase their client base.  However, most realtors can't afford to build this type of infrastructure

  • Konfidis supplies both exceptional investment opportunities and top tier research for your clients.  We are bringing the infrastructure

  • You're able to dedicate most of your time on building your client base of investors (who also tend to be repeat clients)

  • Serve your Toronto or international based clients with product in other cities in Ontario that enjoy higher cap rates, lower price points and strong growth prospects.  Also, no travelling from city to city which would be highly inefficient for you (and expensive given high gas prices)

  • Building a relationship with your local clients also allows you to find their personal homes and earn 100% of that commission when the times comes

  • Gain access to Konfidis' exclusive property listings unearthed from Canada's leading SFR-focused technology and data platform

What kind of Commission can I earn?

You earn meaningful Co-Operating commission per property

Will Konfidis steal my clients?

  • No.  We work on a partnership basis and your success equals our success.  You will be involved in the process as a representative of your client.

  • We also do not offer traditional listing services, and do not represent clients in their personal home searches. We are 100% focused on our niche, which is finding and securing outstanding single-family rental investment properties.

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