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Buying more than one home per month?

We're Canada's leading single-family rental (SFR) service provider for investment firms.

Aside from assisting you select and acquire the best SFR assets, we also offer a full platform solution to manage the complex workflows of the acquisition process at scale.

Our institutional acquisition and asset management platform includes features such as: 

  • SFR Market Rent Database: access to Konfidis’ proprietary database of SFR rental transactions (the largest in Canada).

  • Opportunity Identification: data-trend trend analytics, robust for MLS and off-market properties, custom financial model built into the platform and more, ability to sort, filter, and rank opportunities based on property characteristics, financial profile, etc.). 

  • Acquisition Workflow Centralization: bespoke funnels by stages, tracking of all bidding, notifications for all parties (various team members, realtors, lawyers, accountants, treasury functions, and others) involved in the acquisition, closing, and asset management processes; governance controls and audit trails to support institutional investment committee management.

Konfidis also has pre-established relationships with best-in-class service providers (legal, property management, leasing, construction management, etc.) to provide a turn-key solution for its institutional partners. 


We are your partners in building SFR portfolios.


The Konfidis Platform

Your end-to-end solution for acquiring SFR at scale. 

Identify macro and micro opportunities.  Manage the entire process. Forecasting, governance and coordination for everyone on your team.  Directly integrated with MLS. Plus a network of exclusive SFR opportunities.

Here's a peek at The Konfidis Acquisition Platform.


Want to learn more?

Book a demo and learn how Konfidis gives you an edge building portfolios. 

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