Buying more than 15 homes per year?

We're Canada's leading service provider for large investors.

Aside from assisting you select and acquire the best SFR assets, we also offer a full platform solution to manage the complex workflows of the buying process.

Our platform for institutions includes features such as: funnels by stages, tracking of all bids, notifications for realtors/lawyers/internal/others involved in the process, including your custom financial model built into the platform and more.

We are your partners in building larger portfolios.


The Konfidis Platform

Your end-to-end solution for acquiring SFR at scale. 

Identify macro and micro opportunities.  Manage the entire process. Forecasting, governance and coordination for everyone on your team.  Directly integrated with MLS. Plus a network of exclusive SFR opportunities.

Here's a peek at The Konfidis Acquisition Platform.


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