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Multiple Property Buyers

Buying more than one home per month?

Konfidis is Canada’s leading technology and brokerage service provide for investors seeking to buy multiple residential investment properties.

We provide personalized services to meet your needs for identifying, due diligence, acquiring the best investment opportunities.  


We find the needle in the haystack

  • Our tech and data instantly ranks thousands of property listings to find the best investment property opportunities

  • We’re also sourcing exclusive ‘off-market’ opportunities which means we don’t compete

  • Once we have our shortlist, our team performs on-site reviews to generate institutional grade investment reports, to validate our strict selection criteria

  • Now that we’ve shortlisted the shortlist, our system allows us to handle hundreds of bids simultaneously.

  • We leverage Konfidis’ proprietary rental rate database, the most robust and dynamic in the market

No hassle ownership

  • Proprietary technology for a more efficient closing process

  • You're in good hands with our vetted partner network

  • We can help you find the right tenant

Want to learn more?

Book a demo to learn how Konfidis gives you an edge building portfolios. 

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