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Once we have our shortlist, our team performs on-site reviews to generate institutional grade investment reports, to validate our strict selection criteria

Now that we’ve shortlisted the shortlist, our system allows us to handle hundreds of bids simultaneously. Our internal committee will only approve buying at set prices. We’re not prepared to overpay in a bidding war

We leverage Konfidis’ proprietary rental rate database, the most robust and dynamic in the market


No hassle ownership. We remove the hassle of being a landlord

Proprietary technology for a more efficient closing process

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For SFR Investors

In the last year, more than 200 billion dollars of residential real estate in Ontario was sold, representing more than 100 thousand SFR properties. Overlay those numbers with migration, immigration, transit, and other trends, its easy understand why picking the optimal investment property is hard.

Due to the sheer number of listings and complexity, searches are generally limited to their (or their agent’s) local neighbourhood, potentially missing out on markets that offer better opportunities.

And then there’s the hassle factor of being a landlord.

But Single Family Rental (SFR) has generated wealth for generations.

We believe there’s a better way to invest in SFR. Our mission is to use technology and data to find the needle in the haystack. We’re looking for those investment properties that will outperform the market, and allow our clients to enjoy superior returns with less hassle.


For Tenants

Canada has a housing crisis, particularly for young families that desire more space and can’t afford to buy. 

In the last year, less than 5% of all rented properties were SFR homes that had more than 3 bedrooms*.  There’s clearly a huge deficit of larger format housing available for renters.

One of the major Canadian banks** recently published a report estimating that the ratio of post-tax income to mortgage expenses is at 0.75%, the highest ratio ever.

Furthermore, the vast majority of SFR are mom-and-pop landlords, who in many cases don’t professionally manage the homes.


We believe young families deserve choice. Our mission is to serve renters by increasing the supply of high quality SFR rentals with a professional service offering.


We’re also big believers that empowering investors with resources serves our clients better

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