Students are struggling to secure housing in Canada’s overheated rental market

Less than three months into her start at Western University, Hannah Alper had already secured off-campus housing for her second year.

Come September, the 19-year-old major in media and the public interest will be living in a detached home in downtown London, Ont., with six other roommates for a reasonable $550 a month plus utilities. It’s a deal she said she wouldn’t have been able to get if she hadn’t started house-hunting nearly a year in advance.

“Everyone my age or older than me was advising me to start looking in October-November,” said Ms. Alper, who lived in residence during her first year at Western. “It’s crazy.”

The availability and affordability of housing for students has long been a problem in big cities and some smaller towns with large university or college populations. But the resumption of in-person classes and the return of international students has been pouring fuel on the fire of an already overheated rental market.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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